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Discover "Summer Unplugged" at Active Learning Centers 

Updated: Jun 20

Looking for the perfect summer camp for your child? Have your child enjoy summer unplugged at Active Learning Centers, where we bring back the fun of traditional summer camp. Our campers spend most of their time outdoors, engaging in activities that spark creativity, imagination, and independence.  

While you’re busy working, your child will be in the safe hands of childcare experts enjoying a variety of activities throughout the Lehigh Valley. With a focus on unplugged, screen-free, high-activity summers, our summer camp allows your child to enjoy summer the way we used to as children, while also growing into productive young adults.  

In this blog, we’ll look at how our summer camp program is the perfect choice for children of all ages in the Lehigh Valley. By the end of the blog, you won’t just be looking forward to summer weather – you'll look forward to your child enjoying summer unplugged at Active Learning Centers. 

Non-Stop Active Fun 

At Active Learning Centers, our campers are always on the go with our staff of friendly childcare experts. Each week has its own theme along with an exciting field trip to keep your kids active, entertained and most of all happy! Our campers enjoy a variety of activities like trips to Knoebels, days at Coca-Cola Park, field days, cavern tours and more. 

Keep reading to learn more about the activities your child can enjoy during summer camp at Active Learning Centers. 


An absolute must when it comes to summertime fun, swimming is always at the top of the list here at Active Learning Centers. During our summer camps, we’ll take your child swimming to ensure they’re plenty tired when you come to pick them up. We even have our very own lifeguard that comes along to every swimming event to add an extra layer of safety for your child.

If you’ve got a fish-kid that needs a fun, safe summer camp – send them to Active Learning Centers today! 

Weekly Themes 

During our summer camp we run weekly themes accompanied by weekly field trips to exciting local spots to keep things fresh and fun. From visits to Coca Cola Park in Allentown to a day at the Lehigh Valley Zoo and more, summer camp at Active Learning Centers ensures your child stays on the move while having safe, healthy, fun.  

Unique Martial Arts Integration 

Every camper gets to take martial arts classes twice a week at no extra cost. This helps build discipline, respect, and self-confidence, adding a unique twist to our summer program. 

Humble Beginnings 

Our roots in Martial Arts summer camp have shaped our approach. Parents loved our martial arts camps so much they asked us to continue year-round, leading to the birth of summer camp at all Active Learning Centers. Today, we still do summer camp all out, with themed weeks that keep kids engaged and eager to return. 

Building Strong Connections 

Our camp is more than just fun—it's about forming lasting connections. Campers develop crucial communication skills, learn to navigate challenges, and grow stronger socially and emotionally. 

Screen-Free, Safety First 

Forget screens — we focus on active, hands-on fun. And with safety as our top priority, excellent staff-to-child ratios, off-site safety protocols, and color-coded shirts for trips; you can rest easy knowing your child is in great hands. 

Join Us This Summer! 

Are you ready for your child to have an unforgettable summer? Enroll your child at an Active Learning Centers summer camp program today! With an expert staff of childcare experts, weekly themes, fun field trips, exciting activities and more – our summer camp is the summer camp to send your child to in the Lehigh Valley.  

Experience the best summer camp at Active Learning Centers, where summer fun and learning go hand in hand. Enroll your child online or at in-person one of our locations in Bethlehem, Emmaus, Fogelsville, Palmer or Trexlertown today! 


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