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About Active Learning Centers

Let Active Learning Centers be your answer in the search for quality child care. We have been providing top quality care to families in the Lehigh Valley for over 12 years and have a proven track record of creating a loving, caring, family environment.  We love watching your children grow from Infants to Toddlers, to Pre-K and beyond!


Mission & Vision

The staff at Active Learning Centers is dedicated to creating an atmosphere that fosters learning, leadership, and fun! Children look forward to their time here, love their caregivers and new friends! We get to know each child as an individual and understand what motivates them. We design activities that engage the children’s minds and bodies and teach them the value of teamwork. We respect children’s need for space and independence, and help them appreciate the differences in all people.

5 Ways we are Different:

  1. High quality staff which includes licensed teachers and professionals with degrees in fields like Health and Human Services, Psychology, Early Childhood Education.

  2. Children are in age appropriate groups and younger children are not folded into groups with much older children that would cause concern.

  3. Children are kept active and engaged with teacher led activities and instruction.

  4. Transportation to and from school

  5. There are no TV’s or video games in the classrooms. We keep children’s imaginations active through physical play both indoors and outdoors


Questions to Ask Us:

  1. Is ALC licensed by the state?

  2. Is ALC accredited by Keystone STARS?

  3. Does ALC have a written curriculum that is followed daily?

  4. Does ALC post daily schedules showing what the children are doing?

  5. What are the ALC teacher qualifications?

  6. Do the teachers talk to and interact with the children?

  7. Does ALC have long standing staff members?

  8. How does ALC handle discipline?

  9. Does ALC provide a stimulating, child friendly environment?

Our Administration Team


Our Mission

To provide a family environment dedicated to fun, learning, and leadership.

Our Vision

To transform every student into confident, character-based leaders who are successful and will inspire others to greatness.

We are your second family. We build the qualities and character traits you are teaching at your dinner table, and support the lessons of your home.  Our principles and values come from the Martial Arts culture that is at the root of our history. We believe in focusing on traits like courage, honesty, focus, respect, and many more. These lessons are taught in the classroom as well as on the training mat, and reinforced by our teachers.

We work hard to bring you a balanced team of care takers. With a surprisingly high ratio of male teachers, your child will get the balanced supervision and care that helps them feel at home and supported in all their needs.  Our company is a family business. Our owners are involved in the day-to-day, and their children are leaders in the company. Here, we hug, smile, laugh and play together as a family would.  We have no televisions, video games, or screens for your child to stare at. Our teachers are trained to engage your child, and provide them education and development through play and exploration.

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