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Infants & Toddlers

Infant Care

How do you know when it’s right? Babies are hard to leave. Will a caregiver know what to do when she cries? Will he have enough hugs? It’s one of the toughest decisions you’ll make as the parent of a new baby.

Here at ALC, we know how tough a choice you’re making. That’s why we’ve built everything about our infant program by asking ourselves the question: what would you expect if you were dropping off your precious baby with a trusted family member? Then we strive to give your baby (and you!) just that.

You won’t catch babies being left in cribs for hours. Nope. Instead, we get them out and about for plenty of fine motor skill building, interaction, art projects, and more.

The thing that binds our centers together is that feeling of family. We know babies respond to stimuli and love. Do we put more energy into good baby care than most infant care centers? Yes. It’s who we are, it’s what we do.


Additional Details:

  • Sheets and Blankets are parent-provided.

  • All meals are parent-provided.

  • Diapers and wipes are parent-provided.

  • Active Play: Tummy Time and one-on-one play.

Call your nearest ALC location for more information or to schedule a tour!

EMMAUS: 610-966-2234

PALMER: 610-829-1818
TREXLERTOWN: 484-460-1806
FOGELSVILLE: 610-366-8084

Toddler Care:


If you want to see “where the fun is at” in our centers, make your way to our toddler rooms. (You’ll have to get through our locked and secure doors first, of course!). Toddler care is a ton of fun because there is so much learning that goes on at that age.

We separate our toddlers into two groups, the Pandas and the Cubs in order offer developmentally appropriate care. When a child first comes to one of our centers, we have one of our licensed professional staff assess their readiness and place them accordingly. Here kids learn fine and gross motor skills (If the Panda’s Room looks like a tornado just went through, not to worry – we’re teaching them independent eating and it’s just lunch time).

Another cool thing you’ll notice in our toddler rooms is the toddler-sized furniture. We build our facility around the kids, not the other way around.


Active Learning Centers’ toddler program has an emphasis on the concept that a healthy, active approach to life should start at an early age. Our toddler program introduces the children to a bright beginning of the development of educational, social, emotional, and physically healthy lives. ALC’s curriculum is based on the PA State Learning Standards for early childhood education and as such, guides our teachers in providing children with a positive educational experience. The curriculum is carried out using different themes to ensure that the needs and interests of all the children are being met.

Call your nearest ALC location for more information or to schedule a tour!

EMMAUS: 610-595-9792

PALMER: 610-595-9116
TREXLERTOWN: 610-632-8293
FOGELSVILLE: 610-998-3773

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