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What makes us different?

  • Each week has a different theme. The activities of the week match the theme and are designed to teach, encourage, and to help develop a child’s social/emotional skills.

  • Pool time. We’ll send them home nice and tired. But no reason to worry about safety. We have an excellent staff-to-child ratio that exceeds state requirements… we even send along our own life guard!

  • Safety is paramount. Every time we leave the center we utilize our off-site safety protocols and we put the kids in color-coded shirts.

  • Martial arts. Our unique blend of all the positive traits that martial arts encourages makes this a one-of-a-kind program.

  • From listening skills to problem solving, and courage to communication, this will be the most beneficial and fun camp you’ll ever find. All activities that week, will help turn your child into a strong and successful leader.


Call your nearest ALC location for more information, to schedule a tour or to meet our staff!

EMMAUS: 610-966-2234

PALMER: 610-829-1818
TREXLERTOWN: 484-460-1806
FOGELSVILLE: 610-366-8084

2024 Summer Camp Schedule

WEEK 1: Life is A Highway… – June 10 – 14

LET’S GET IN GEAR! You’ll be revved up while having fun, as we explore the world from behind the wheel. This week we will learn about all things that keep us moving from cars, trucks, planes, trains, boats and more! TRIP: Behind the Scenes Tours

WEEK 2: Welcome to the Jungle – June 17 – 21

PUT ON YOUR SAFARI HAT! Take a walk with us on the wild side as we explore what lies beneath the canopy of leaves deep within the jungle. Learn about the different animals and what it takes to survive in such a different climate! TRIP: Zoo

WEEK 3: Take Me Higher – June 24 – 28

DO YOU HAVE WHAT IT TAKES?! Join us, as we experience exciting, new challenges and confront those things that scare us the most. Campers will test their taste buds, challenge their minds, and compete against fellow campers in fun, and as well as yucky challenges. TRIP: Parkour Experience

WEEK 4: Red, White and Run – July 1 – 5

OH, SAY CAN YOU SEE! Join us for an active and festive week celebrating America’s birthday. It will be a week of red, white, and blue - from our clothes and crafts, to our classrooms and our snacks! Not to mention, a little history thrown in… and then wrapped up with our annual color run! TRIP: Color Run

WEEK 5: River of Dreams – July 8 – 12

WATER, WATER, EVERYWHERE! Campers will learn about the wonders of WATER - from the sea, to the rivers and creeks. From designing their own fish to creating an underwater ecosystem, campers will be immersed in this fun and fishy week. TRIP: Water Sports

WEEK 6: Paparazzi – July 15 – 19

LIGHTS! CAMERA! ACTION! Come experience the glitz and glam of Hollywood. Become a director, set designer, or learn how to be a screenwriter. Then finish the week by creating your own movie! Roll out the red carpet as you become a STAR! TRIP: Talent Show (K-3rd) Prom (4th – 8th)

WEEK 7: Put Me in Coach – July 22 – 26

CALLING ALL ATHLETES! Do you like sports? This is the week for you! Soccer, basketball, volleyball, swimming, dance, martial arts, baseball, kickball, and more. Various sports clinics will be held throughout the week to help you improve your skills. This fun-filled week is packed with great games and non-stop action. TRIP: Stadium Visit

WEEK 8: You Spin Me Right Round – July 29 – August 2

STEP RIGHT UP! Test your skills as an entertainer! Do you want to try arm wrestling, spinning the most hula hoops, or forming a wandering clown band? Learn about classic carnival activities such as; human oddities, mirror illusions, and funhouses. Also including modern day carnival games like the bean bag toss and dunk tanks. Prepare yourself for a week of crazy carnival fun! Trip: Roller skating (K-3rd) Knoebles (4th-8th)

WEEK 9: We Built This City – August 5 – 9

WE CAN BUILD IT! This week, campers will learn about the discoveries and innovations that allow skyscrapers to stand, roads and bridges to be built, and modern civilization to exist. TRIP: Hands-On Experience

WEEK 10: We Will Rock You – August 12 – 16

ROCK ON! This week we will be amateur Geologists. We will explore the world underground and learn about everything from stalagmites and stalactites to caves and coal mines! TRIP: Cavern Tour

WEEK 11: Lean on Me – August 19 – 23

WE GOT YOU! This week is all about selflessness. Make a difference in the community. Our young campers learn the meaning of service and will help to support others while older campers are given the opportunity to complete a service project and make a difference in the community. TRIP: Field Day and Car Wash/Lemonade Stand

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