Preschool and Pre-K at ALC

Preschool and pre-k is when the young minds in our care really get put to work! Of course there is a lot of learning that goes on in the younger years, but by the time children reach preschool age, they’ve grasped many of the basics and are really ready to learn. And do they!  We introduce them to specific learning points throughout the day, covering letters, numbers, colors, and reading, both directed and independent.

preschool in lehigh valleyThey have a more structured day than they did when they were younger, complete with art projects and presentations, along with a healthy dose of playtime. It’s still playful and fun but we’re starting to let them know what their school days are going to be like so they can hit the ground running in kindergarten and beyond.

And, don’t forget, we take the “active” in our name very seriously. We understand that the foundation for a healthy mind is a healthy body, and we give kids plenty of time to be active, try martial arts if they’d like to, and just have fun.

Here at ALC we have our own curriculum put together by our creative and dedicated directors. We wrote it and it’s been accredited. You won’t see anything else like it.

Active Learning Center’s homegrown curriculum and goals are based on the PA state learning standards for early childhood education. This helps guide our teachers in providing the children with a positive educational experience. This enables your child’s teachers to use a variety of approaches and take an active role in your child’s learning. Through observations, your child’s teacher will be able to plan developmentally appropriate activities for your child based on his/her needs as well as the needs of the entire group.

Active Learning Centers offers these convenient locations for PreSchool & Pre-K.

  • ALC Emmaus is located in the heart of the Emmaus, on Jubilee St, just down the street from the movie theater and the police department. Our first and original site, Emmaus offers experienced and seasoned staff and beautifully kept classrooms. Click here.
  • ALC Fogelsville also offers a PreSchool and Pre-K Program. Our Fogelsville site is the largest center, located on Windsor Dr, which connects Tilghman and Route 100. Click here.
  • ALC Trexlertown is located on Hamilton Blvd, in the Trexlertown Shopping Center by Burlington. Trexlertown is our newest center and easy to access from Macungie/Allentown/Fogelsville. Click here.
  • ALC Palmer, located on the corner of Route 248 and Northwood Rd, is positioned between Easton and Lower Nazareth, easily accessible from multiple highways. Designed from scratch in 2016, it is our first location in the Easton area. Click here.

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