Positive Behavior Interventions and Support

One of the things that makes Active Learning Centers unique is our approach to discipline. We want not just to deal with squabbles and issues in the moment, but to give kids the tools they need to be problem solvers and peace makers throughout their lives.

You won’t catch a child being put in “time out” at our centers. From the time they are little, we take a cooperative approach to discipline. Most problems can be headed off at the pass, and that’s our preference. Once a conflict does occur, we sit with the child in an age-appropriate fashion and help them see the impacts of their actions, then come up with a plan to avoid undesirable behavior in the future. We find that even the toughest cases respond excellently to our measure and well-supported approach.

We train our entire staff on the principles of PBIS: Positive Behavior Interventions and Support.

What is PBIS? Positive Behavior Interventions and Support is a system designed to allow children of all ages and ability levels to function at their highest possible by designing environments and supports that cater to the needs of the group or the child individually.

The broad purpose of PBIS is to improve the effectiveness, efficiency and equity of schools and other agencies. PBIS improves social, emotional and academic outcomes for all students, including students with disabilities and students from underrepresented groups. It’s a cornerstone of how we help children develop life skills here at Active Learning Centers.

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