Children with Disabilities

We find that children who have had trouble at other centers thrive at Active Learning Centers. Part of the reason is our professional and dedicated staff. We like to say we’re overwhelmingly staffed by “lifers,” staff members who come here early in their careers and then grow and blossom with us, as well as those who have pursued an education in their field. That family atmosphere and commitment to excellence helps our staff thrive, and gives us the extra edge in making ALC a unique place. Kids feel the difference.

One of the unique aspects of ALC is that we began as a martial arts school… and our philosophy is deeply centered on the martial arts philosophy of developing leadership and character as well as physical fitness. We’ve extended that philosophy in unique and important ways throughout our curriculum, and it’s of particular benefit to children with disabilities. You won’t find this combination in any other center in the area. We build leaders and children of character through our unique and proprietary system.

How our system benefits those with disabilities

Our curriculum and access to martial arts training can be an excellent complement to occupational therapy, physical therapy and speech therapy in that it reinforces what they are learning from their therapists. Focus and concentration play a huge role in both therapies and our curriculum. When the two work in conjuction, the results are amazing.


Studies have shown that multi-faceted physical activities, like martial arts, strengthens the brain and helps those with ADD and ADHD to practice basic motor and behavioral control. It also teaches consistency and repetition, which can have a calming influence.

Besides our martial arts training, our entire curriculum and the structure of our schedule is designed to create a stable, calming influence in children’s lives.

Down Syndrome

The techniques in our curriculum are tailored to fit the student, rather than having the student fit the technique. Children with Down Syndrome can thrive here because the active part of our curriculum helps strengthen their muscles and improve their coordination. We work with children at their own developmental level to achieve the best results for them.

Autism Spectrum

Consistency and repetition are cornerstones of what we do at Active Learning Centers, and they are critical in what we do here at Active Learning Centers as well. They create familiarity. This way of teaching works well for kids on the autism spectrum.

Outstanding Education

Every child deserves to be in a place where their skills are acknowledged and cultivated, and where they can strive to be their own best self. Give us a call so we can tell you more!

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