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Active Learning Center offers everything your child needs to have a safe, healthy, active day from Infant to School age.  From the most welcome greeting in the morning to the final hug at the end of the day, our staff is committed to your children's happiness and well being.  Their days are filled with fun activities, healthy snacks and the stimulation their young minds need.  Plus we encourage socialization, outdoor play when the weather permits and many happy childhood memories.

Infants & Toddlers


How do you know when it’s right? Babies are hard to leave. Will a caregiver know what to do when she cries? Will he have enough hugs? It’s one of the toughest decisions you’ll make as the parent of a new baby.

Here at ALC, we know how tough a choice you’re making. That’s why we’ve built everything about our infant program by asking ourselves the question: what would you expect if you were dropping off your precious baby with a trusted family member?

The thing that binds our centers together is that feeling of family. We know babies respond to stimuli and love. Do we put more energy into good baby care than most infant care centers? Yes. It’s who we are, it’s what we do.

Pre-School & Pre-K


Preschool and Pre-K is when the young minds in our care really get put to work! Of course there is a lot of learning that goes on in the younger years, but by the time children reach preschool age, they’ve grasped many of the basics and are really ready to learn. And do they!  We introduce them to specific learning points throughout the day, covering letters, numbers, colors, and reading, both directed and independent.

They have a more structured day than they did when they were younger, complete with art projects and presentations, along with a healthy dose of playtime. It’s still playful and fun but we’re starting to let them know what their school days are going to be like so they can hit the ground running in kindergarten and beyond.

Before & After Care


The question of before and after care can be a challenging one, especially for working parents. How will your child get to school? Who will help him or her with her homework? We’ve heard many such issues from the parents we serve, and we’ve crafted an ideal solution so your school-aged child can be safe, get to and from school every day, work on homework, be with friends, and have fun.

With our Before and After Care program, parents are able to drop their children off before school and they will have a safe place to prepare for the day ahead. Parents experiencing a time crunch are welcome to bring breakfast with them and our capable staff will make sure the kids are fed before they leave for school.

Transportation is provided to and from school. In the event of snow days or early school closings we will remain open. You just won’t find this level of convenience anywhere else in the area.

Summer Camp


At Active Learning Centers, we do summer camp the way it used to be. Children spend most of their day outside playing. They have the opportunity to go to the swimming pool twice a week. They go on field trips once a week and play at a local park at least once a week.

Our summer camp was born out of our martial arts program. Parents kept asking: will you take my child for the summer? I want them to have more of this structure and fun. So we did. The next year it grew. The year after that it grew some more. Eventually, we began to offer full year care… and the rest is history.

Still, we do summer camp all out. Every child enrolled in summer camp will also have the opportunity to take martial arts classes twice a week at no extra charge. The only things you won’t find at this summer camp are TV’s and video games… this is Active Learning Centers. We mean the “active” part!

Martial Arts

We incorporate  Lehigh Valley Martial Arts into our curriculum.  We believe in instilling self-defense, self-confidence, respect for self and others, and an unwavering sense of self discipline. What children learn in martial arts they carry through all aspects of your child’s life.

Students are kept active and are taught the 4 Laws of Concentration so that they can be successful and meet their responsibilities. They will learn self-control so that their “words” control their “emotions” rather than their emotions controlling their words, which allows them to remain safe and respectful in an ever changing and challenging world.

Our children’s martial arts program is fun, friendly, and safe, which will help your child grow into a strong individual with rock solid character values and self-defense.

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