Summer Camp

Summer Camp

Summer Camp at ALC

At Active Learning Centers, we do summer camp the way it used to be. Children spend most of their day outside playing. They have the opportunity to go to the swimming pool twice a week. They go on field trips once per week.

Our summer camp was born out of our martial arts program. Parents kept asking: will you take my child for the summer? I want them to have more of this structure and fun. So we did. The next year it grew. The year after that it grew some more. Eventually, we began to offer full year care… and the rest is history.

Still, we do summer camp all out. Every child enrolled in summer camp will also have the opportunity to take a martial arts class each day at no extra charge. The only things you won’t find at this summer camp are TV’s and video games… this is Active Learning Centers. We mean the “active” part!

What makes ALC summer camp different from every other summer camp?

  • Each week has a different theme and these themes are based upon leadership qualities. The activities of the week are designed to teach, encourage, and develop those traits in the children.
  • Pool time. We’ll send them home nice and tired. But no reason to worry about safety. We have an excellent staff-to-child ratio that exceeds state requirements… we even send along our own life guard!
  • Safety is paramount. Every time we leave the center we double our staff ratio and we put the kids in color-coded shirts.
  • Martial arts. Our unique blend of all the positive traits that martial arts encourages makes this a one-of-a-kind program.
  • From listening skills to problem solving, and courage to communication, this will be the most beneficial and fun camp you’ll ever find. All activities that week will help you turn your child into a strong and successful leader.


  • ALC Emmaus is located in the heart of the Emmaus, on Jubilee St, just down the street from the movie theater and the police department. Our first and original site, Emmaus offers experienced and seasoned staff and beautifully kept classrooms. Click here.
  • ALC Fogelsville also offers Summer Camp. Our Fogelsville site is the largest center, located on Windsor Dr, which connects Tilghman and Route 100.  Click here.
  • ALC Trexlertown is located on Hamilton Blvd, in the Trexlertown Shopping Center by Burlington. Trexlertown is our newest center and easy to access from Macungie/Allentown/Fogelsville. Click here.
  • ALC Palmerlocated on the corner of Route 248 and Northwood Rd, is positioned between Easton and Lower Nazareth, easily accessible from multiple highways. Designed from scratch in 2016, it is our first location in the Easton area. Click here.

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