How many locations do you have?

We have five state-of-the-art locations throughout the Lehigh Valley, where we care for kids from infants to elementary school age. You can learn more about each of them on the Our Locations page. Click here.

What ages do you take?

We take children from birth through age twelve.

We take infants at Beginnings, Fogelsville and Palmer.

All other ages accepted at each of our five centers. We have certified, full-day kindergarten at all but our infant-specific facility, Beginnings. Emmaus takes children starting at age 3.

Contact us to find out if we have an opening at the center of your choice.

Do you pick up from my school?

Short answer: yes. We have a fleet of transportation and we drop off and pick up from most area schools. See below for a complete list of schools.

Note: due to insurance and scheduling purposes, we do not pick up at private homes or locations other than those on our established route.

Contact us for more information.


East Penn School District

  • Lincoln Elementary
  • Jefferson Elementary
  • Macungie Elementary
  • Shoemaker Elementary
  • Willow Lane Elementary
  • Wescosville Elementary
  • Eyer Middle School
  • Lower Macungie Middle School

Western Salisbury School District

  • Western Salisbury Elementary School

Private Schools

  • Ann’s Catholic School
  • Seven Generation Charter School
  • Swain School


Easton School District

  • Tracy Elementary
  • Shawnee Elementary
  • Paxinosa Elementary
  • Palmer Elementary

Nazareth Area School District

  • Lower Nazareth Elementary
  • Bushkill Elementary
  • Shafer Elementary
  • Nazareth Intermediate School



Wilson Area School District

  • Wilson Elementary
  • Avona Elementary

Bethlehem School District

  • Farmersville Elementary

Private Schools

  • Anne’s
  • Holy Family


East Penn School District

  • Macungie Elementary
  • Shoemaker Elementary
  • Willow Lane Elementary
  • Wescosville Elementary
  • Alburtis Elementary
  • Lower Macungie Middle School

Parkland School Distirct

  • Jaindl Elementary
  • Fogelsville Elementary
  • Cetronia Elementary
  • Parkway Manor Elementary
  • Kernsville Elementary
  • Kratzer Elementary
  • Schnecksville Elementary
  • Orefield Middle School
  • Springhouse Middle School

Northwestern Lehigh School District

  • Weisenberg Elementary
  • Northwestern Elementary




Private Schools

  • Circle of Seasons Charter School
  • Joseph the Worker
  • Hillside School


Northwestern Lehigh School District

  • Weisenberg Elementary
  • Northwestern Elementary

Brandywine Heights School District

  • Brandywine Elementary
  • Brandywine Intermediate School

East Penn School District

  • Macungie Elementary
  • Shoemaker Elementary
  • Alburtis Elementary
  • Wescosville Elementary

Parkland School District

  • Cetronia Elementary
  • Fogelsville Elementary
  • Jaindl Elementary
  • Springhouse Middle School
Do you have a half day program?

We do! Our Emmaus facility offers half-day programs.

Contact us for more information on hours and availability.

What curriculum do you teach?

The Active Learning Centers Curriculum has been approved by Pennsylvania KEYS. We are proud that in our nearly two decades of operation we have come to design our own unique program that’s inclusive, effective, and individualized. Our philosophy is that each child can and should be helped to be the best they can be. We emphasize the “active” in Active Learning Centers, and provide care and education that is engaging and age-appropriate.

ALC emphasizes a well-rounded program that takes shape week by week based on the children’s interests. We provide for literacy, arts, health, and fitness on a daily basis. Based on the child’s age, instruction may include math, science, technology and social competence activities. ALC is where young minds grow!

Are your teachers certified?

We are proud of the commitment and education of our staff. Each facility has certified teachers on staff, and our entire staff is trained in the rigorous and exacting methods families have come to expect from Active Learning Centers in our nearly twenty years of serving the Lehigh Valley community.

We are proud participants of Keystone STARS and our staff members have enjoyed frequent recognition.

Contact us to schedule a time to stop by and see for yourself.

Do you take children with disabilities or those on the spectrum?

We do. We offer the supportive environment for children of all abilities to thrive and succeed.

We will take the time to sit down with you, understand your family’s needs, and determine exactly how we can help.

We also offer space for special services. So if your child is receiving speech therapy, or occupational therapy, or other such services, the service provider is welcome to come and work with your child right in their familiar child care setting.

How do you work with difficult behaviors?

We often find that kids who have been unsuccessful in other centers thrive at Active Learning Centers. Our approach is unique, engages the whole child, and gives children room to be themselves.

While we are not miracle workers, we are willing to work with families and outside services to help the children find success. You’ll find that our patience, understanding, emphasis on physical activity and experienced staff may make the difference in your child’s life.

Contact us today.

What is your disciplinary policy?

First and foremost, discipline must be age-appropriate. You can’t have a conversation about the meaning of their actions with a two-year-old, and you can’t redirect a ten-year-old as you might a toddler. It’s all about knowing the child, and experience and skill at what works with each individual and at each life stage.

Our philosophy is one of positive discipline. We strive to avert problems whenever possible. One of the reasons we so successfully manage conflict at ALC is that the environment and the curriculum is optimized to make sure kids are engaged, have plenty to do, and have all their needs met. No need to fight over a toy – there are plenty! No need to squabble on our fun and well-stocked playgrounds.

When the inevitable conflict does arise, we handle it according to our positive discipline policy. We head most problems off at the pass with redirection. With older children, we find that getting them involved in the solution and coming up with a discipline plan together not only solves the problem at hand, but helps prevent problems in the future.

How much do you charge?

You may have noticed that our prices are not listed on our site. This is not to make it harder for you to make a decision, but to give you a full and balanced view of our center to help guide you in your decision.

Where to place your child will be one of the most important decisions you’ll make for your child. We don’t believe that decision should be made on price alone. Come to the center and let us show you the ALC advantage so that you can make your choice based on all the important factors of your child’s well-being and education.

We’re not the least expensive in the area, but the thousands of families we’ve served will tell you we’re something special. So come in and take a look for yourself. Contact us today!

I’m a working parent. How often are you closed?

We understand the needs of working families, and that’s why we’ve set up our schedule to follow most work schedules: we only close 6 times per year. That’s it.

  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Christmas Day
  • New Years Day
  • Memorial Day
  • 4th of July
  • Labor Day

If you’re working, chances are good we are too!

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