What is your disciplinary policy?


First and foremost, discipline must be age-appropriate. You can’t have a conversation about the meaning of their actions with a two-year-old, and you can’t redirect a ten-year-old as you might a toddler. It’s all about knowing the child, and experience and skill at what works with each individual and at each life stage.

Our philosophy is one of positive discipline. We strive to avert problems whenever possible. One of the reasons we so successfully manage conflict at ALC is that the environment and the curriculum is optimized to make sure kids are engaged, have plenty to do, and have all their needs met. No need to fight over a toy – there are plenty! No need to squabble on our fun and well-stocked playgrounds.

When the inevitable conflict does arise, we handle it according to our positive discipline policy. We head most problems off at the pass with redirection. With older children, we find that getting them involved in the solution and coming up with a discipline plan together not only solves the problem at hand, but helps prevent problems in the future.

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