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What does your child want in a summer camp?
We help make camp memorable and fun:

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Summer… remember it as a kid? That feeling of being free, of having the time to roam and have fun with your friends, of being able to learn cool new stuff at your own pace?

We remember it too, and those memories of active play and endless curiosity informed how we’ve structured our Summer Camp here at Active Learning Centers.

Truth be told, summer camp is our first love here at ALC. We began as a martial arts school, until one summer a group of our parents asked if we’d extend our curriculum into a week-long summer program. That was such a hit that the following year we made it a little longer, then the year after that longer still. It was all by popular demand and from learning what parents like you want your kids to experience in a camp.

Fast forward years and years, and all those kids from that first summer camp are all grown up (one even works here now!). And our camp is all grown up too! Born of our love of movement and free play (we really mean that “Active” in our name) and a solid basis in educational and learning theory, you won’t find any other summer camp like ours.

Why do school age children prefer Active Learning Centers?
The staff at Active Learning Centers is dedicated to creating an atmosphere that fosters learning, leadership, and fun! Children look forward to their time here. We get to know each child as an individual and understand what motivates them. We design activities that engage the children’s minds and bodies and teach them the value of teamwork. We respect children’s need for space and independence, and help them appreciate the differences in all people.

We are different… and it’s why we’re better
High quality staff which includes licensed teachers and professional with degrees in fields like Health and Human Services, Psychology, Early Childhood Education.
Children are in age appropriate groups and younger children are not folded into groups with older children.
Children are kept active and engaged with teacher led activities and instruction.
No TV’s or video games in the classrooms. We keep children’s imaginations active through physical play both indoors and outdoors
Things to consider/ask when selecting the right summer camp:

Are they licensed by the state?
Are they accredited by Keystone STARS?
Do they emphasize physical activity as well as intellectual stimulation?
Do they they take trips? (we take one a week!).
What are the teacher qualifications?
Do they have long standing staff members?
Ready to learn more?
Contact us so you can stop by and see for yourself:

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1-833-ALC-KIDS (1-833-252-5437)


7200B Windsor Dr
Allentown, PA 18106


Site Director:
Melissa Wisser


544 Jubilee St.
Emmaus, PA 18049


Site Director:
Chancity Young


9999 Hamilton Blvd
Breinigsville, PA 18031


Site Director:
Jen Lilley


1044 Trexlertown Rd.
Breinigsville, PA 18031


Site Director:
Courtney Bennicoff


3601 Nazareth Rd.
Easton, PA 18045


Site Director:
Megan Strella

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