Active Learning Centers provides care for the time of day your child is not in district provided kindergarten classes. Transportation is provided to and from school and we accommodate both AM and PM kindergarten. In the event of snow days or early school closings we will remain open.

We are committed to providing a child care program that encourages mental, physical, and emotional well-being. Our teachers will support and reinforce the lessons being taught in your child’s kindergarten classroom. If there are areas of concern, our staff of teachers will provide the support needed. ALC emphasizes a well-rounded program that takes shape week by week based on the children’s interests. We provide for literacy, arts, health, and fitness on a daily basis. Math and science activities are planned a minimum of three times a week and technology and social competence activities are planned at least twice a week.

Active Learning Centers offers three convenient locations for Kindergarten

ALC Emmaus is located in the heart of the Emmaus, on Jubilee St, just down the street from the movie theater and the police department. Our first and original site, Emmaus offers experienced and seasoned staff and beautifully kept classrooms.

ALC Fogelsville also offers a Kindergarten Program. Our Fogelsville site is the largest center, located on Windsor Dr, which connects Tilghman and Route 100.

ALC Breinigsville, located at the top of the Tek Park hill, features a huge outdoor play space and a view of the valley that rivals most mountains. Hidden away from any roads, Breinigsville feels like home.

ALC Palmer, located on the corner of Route 248 and Northwood Rd, is positioned between Easton and Lower Nazareth, easily accessible from multiple highways. Designed from scratch in 2016, it is our first location in the Easton area.

Emmaus Location

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Fogelsville Location

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Breinigsville Location

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Palmer Location

Details about the Program:


Active Learning Centers provides full or part time care in our Before and After School Kindergarten programs to meet your needs. Transportation is provided to and from nearby schools by licensed bus drivers and is arranged through Active Learning Centers. Please contact the center of your interest for more information on schools serviced and AM or PM session availability. Children are provided a variety of seasonal snacks meeting nutritional standards up to twice daily and in partial day programs eat lunch packed from home at our facility. Our facilities rarely close, so we are available for care on delays, early dismissals, weather-related closures and school closed dates. Our experienced staff are here to support your Kindergartener with homework help, allow time for outdoor play and provide enrichment activities by creating full lesson plans based on the PA Early Learning Standards to keep them busy, active and learning outside of school.

After receiving the first overview report of my daughter, I knew that the staff genuinely takes the time to see her among all of the other children and not only allow her to be self-expressed but encourage her expression. I frequently show up and hear about a “field trip” the kids took that day within the community. It feels like a family. I pick her up knowing that the day has fulfilled her not only with a developmentally appropriate education and fun, but also very much with love. I don’t mind leaving her in the morning to go to work. Working with students all day, I never feel like I have to come home and undo what she’s been taught that day. It’s the last thing I want to do. She loves it. I love it. We feel very blessed.

-Google Review
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