Join Our Family

In order to continue offering the highest quality child care service in the Lehigh Valley, we are constantly seeking talented and passionate caregivers and professionals to support our mission.

According to Forbes, the national average of Job Happiness is 43%. We asked our staff at the end of 2015 about their happiness level at ALC. Our average score across every location was 83%!

Our average wage is 126% of the national average in our industry. We believe that you “get what you pay for”, and so we pay for the best.

In addition, we proudly offer benefits to eligible full-time employees including affordable healthcare, dental, simple IRA, accident and disability, child care discount, gym memberships and martial arts training.

Current Positions Filled:

Child Care Teachers 85%
Child Care Directors 90%
Bus Drivers 70%
Martial Arts Instructors 80%
Martial Arts Program Managers 85%

We are currently hiring for ALL POSITIONS!

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